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Updated 11/10/2019 9:50 pm


PTS = Total Points, GP = Games Played, PPG = Points Per Game, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF = Goals For,
GA = Goals Against, GD = Goals Difference

Placings are calculated as follows:
1 - Teams are ranked first by amount of points earned.  A team earns 3 points per win, 1 point per tie, 0 points per loss.
2 - If teams are tied in points, then the Goals For is used as a tie-breaker.

U6 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Blue Lightning (Blue)Patty Smith  7       
1The Green Giants (Green)Kiley Storm  7       
1Titans (Red)Meghan Dunn  7       
1Bumble Bees (Yellow)Christopher Sias  7       


U8 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1The Green Geckos (Green)Stormy Smith 14724121688
2Hot Cheetos (Red)Brian Trychta 1071.43331811-3
3Mega Monsters (Blue)Luis Hernandez 871.142321517-2
4Warriors (Yellow)Jeremiah Bradley 7712411013-3


U10 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1The Golden Champs (Yellow)Jairo Saenz 2173700401624
2Red Raptors (Red)Johnny Algarin 1071.4333124240
3The Blue Ninjas (Blue)Kiley Storm 670.862501026-16
4Green Lightning (Green)Cody Carlson 470.571511018-8


U13 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Green Machine 2.0 (Green)Larry Brown 1572.1440320812
2Blue Face Babies (Blue)Jose Dominguez 1171.5732214131
3Juventis (Yellow)Nick Goff 670.861331112-1
4Red Patriots (Red)Johnny Algarin 570.71142921-12


U16 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Wolves (Yellow)Kris Lehman 1872.5761023149
2Green Hornet (Green)Tim Kirk/Omar Mena 1672.29511351718
3Liverpool (Red)Edgar Marraquin 77124130246
4Blue Knights (Blue)Froylan Lopez 070070740-33